Pet and Praise Obedience - Positive training for you and your pet
Praise - for Pet and Praise Obedience! Our rescue dog Sugar loved Deneen the minute she walked into our home. Deneen is passionate about her work and it shows. She was always willing to work with our ever changing schedule, including a few home visits. Sugar has completed the beginner and advanced classes and with Deneen’s continued encouragement is working towards becoming a therapy dog, that’s a long way from a rescued mutt! If you want a well behaved dog that will impress family and neighbors alike, and maybe help some others along the way, you can’t go wrong with Deneen.  Jason and Natasha Milam 
My Friend for Life!
Other than my owners, Ms. Deneen is the most important person in my life! I met Ms. Deneen when I was only a ten week old Chocolate Lab puppy and knew instantly that she loved dogs because she brought me treats and all I did was greet her at my fence! In four weeks time I was learning sit, come, off, and other manners with lots of petting, praise and treats! My owners also learned how to take care of me with proper food, grooming, crate and house training. I even learned how to like a furry thing with claws called a cat.
I now have completed private puppy and group basic obedience training, so my owners now call me a “Good Dog” and it makes me want to learn more, so I get more praise and of course treats!
If you want to learn how to become more than a dog but a companion for your owners, please treat yourself to a training session with Ms. Deneen!
Darby Guinness,
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After losing my 8 year old heart dog to cancer I found out his nephew was available and was 12 weeks old, ready to be placed into a home.  The decision was made to go ahead and get a puppy even though it seemed to soon.  You forget how mischievous a puppy is and full of energy!  Luke, an Australian shepherd was biting and chewing on everything, completely out of control when I frantically searched for a trainer.  I got Deneen’s name from the local pet store in Fairhope along with a great recommendation.  I called her and she wasn’t starting any classes soon, and we needed help Now, so she told me about her private lessons where she comes to your house and has one on one lessons with your dog.  I went ahead and signed Lucas up and what a difference it made in him from the moment she walked into the house.  She has such a calming, authoritative presence about her the minute she meets a student and they are just mesmerized by her!  She is kind, professional, and caring but still firm enough to get the message across to both the student and the owner!  In 3 lessons she had him doing things I never thought he was capable of at his age and she taught me a lot about body language and how it affects his attitude.  I was exasperated and ready to give up on this playful, fuzzy puppy and she taught him manners!   We went on to do a group beginning obedience and over the summer he took a class again with Deneen at Go Play to earn his Canine Good Citizen certification.  Deneen has since been back at the house for a private lesson  to address shaking of pillows and chewing my shoes!  As I am typing this he is laying calmly next to me on the sofa and I owe it all to Deneen and her expert training and advice which has made Lucas a wonderful boy!  Thank you, Sincerely Christine Banjanin

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